You may have planned to spend right from the start of the new year, but the harsh weather of summer, kids’ school vacation, electricity costs require you to have another specific strategy to avoid a huge payout.

This seems to be the common concern of every family or anyone. In helping you ease your financial burden in this hot season, CouponsFunnels will suggest to you the best money-conserving tips for summer. These tips have been put into practice and shown to be effective.


Summer Saving Tips


Enhance Indoor Plants

Trees are considered a natural way to save electricity without spending too much, so you should make the most of this advantage and arrange potted plants around the house in summer. Near the window facing the sun, you can plant a tree as a curtain to block direct sunlight into the room.


With such hot weather, the green potted plants help your spirit to be more excited and also create a green space to soften the impact of the harsh sunlight on the house.


Besides, covering the windows with curtains and reducing the sun’s rays on the house wall will also help keep the inside cooler on hot days. If you don’t want to be obstructed to look outside, put a film on the window glass to reduce the heat of UV rays while allowing you to see through everything outside. In case you live in a hot area all year round, the use of a cover is a good suggestion. In addition, you should paint the house in a light color to have the effect of resisting heat radiation.


Use The Refrigerator Properly

Place the refrigerator at least 10 cm away from the wall. Make sure the temperature inside ranges from 3 to 6 degrees and minus 15 to minus 18 degrees Celsius with freezing mode.


Along with that, you should arrange and reasonably calculate the amount of food contained in the refrigerator. Leave some space for the refrigerator to circulate the cold air to help reduce power consumption. Fresh meat and fish… should be put in stainless steel boxes instead of plastic containers, because the cold conductivity of metal is faster, the cooling time is shortened, leading to less electricity consumed.


Especially limit opening the refrigerator on these days because every time you open it, the refrigerator encounters a stream of hot air that causes them to re-balance the set temperature. This consumes more power, preventing you from saving money for summer.


Save Energy Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are indispensable equipment in families in the summer. Although it plays an important role, it is the device that accounts for the majority of your electricity bill. Using it in the wrong way, not only does it work inefficiently but also consumes a large amount of electricity to operate. To minimize energy consumption on the air conditioner, you are advised not to set the temperature too low at night. It is better to adjust the air conditioner to about 25 to 29 degrees for about 1-2 hours before going to bed. This helps the air conditioner operate less, thereby, reducing power consumption. In addition, you should also choose the right air conditioner with an appropriate capacity. This helps to ensure the machine’s ability to cool. In addition, a quality air conditioner is one that has the ability to cool the room well without adjusting the temperature too low, is durable and stable.


Use Outdoor Cooking

When you use a stove or bake in your house, you might generate a lot of heat that has nowhere else to go except in your home. Thereby, the air conditioner will have to work harder to cool the house. So, you can’t conserve your money on summer electricity. In that case, an outdoor grill might be a good idea to keep your house cool on the inside. Here’s how to turn an ordinary supper into a memorable outdoor meal.


Enjoy Your Evenings Outside 

Instead of sitting indoors watching TV, you can spend that time outside enjoying the beautiful nighttime scenery. By not utilizing electrical devices or lights in the house, you can save money. Moreover, taking a walk outside in the evening is also a good way to get some exercise. Meanwhile, instead of staying at home throughout the day, you can join a group activity such as cycling, walking the dog, or serving outside for a few hours if possible. If you have to go to work frequently, consider walking or biking instead of driving. All of this is made easier by the warmer weather and extended daylight hours of summer.


Do Laundry Properly in Summer

If you dry clothes regularly, it’s a good idea to let the dryer rest during the summer months and dry it outside. Not only does it save energy, but the sun will also help disinfect clothes and make whites whiter.


If you only spin dry, you should reduce the spin time by half to reduce energy consumption by half. For example, if you normally set a 5-minute spin time, you can reduce it to 2.5 or 2. During the hot season, you can hang wet clothes at noon and by night they are already dry.


Clean Electrical Equipment

A clean bulb shines brighter, so you can get more light with less electricity. Cleaning the air filter enables your air conditioner to cool the air more efficiently. Cleaning the rice cooker core or heating plate makes heating up faster.


After a long time of use, dust will stick in the filter of the air conditioner. Air cannot circulate well once the filter is dirty. Therefore, keeping the filter clean or replacing it with a new one can keep the temperature in your home cooler. Along with that, it also helps you save a lot of money on electricity.


Here are some money-saving suggestions for the summer. Hopefully, the preceding information will be helpful to all in making sensible plans for spending or appropriately using summer appliances to make family saving more effective.