7 Tips to Avoid Scams and Poor Bargains on Major Sales

Major sales of the year are big chances for shoppers to save and score bargains, but it is also hard for them to overcome tricks or scams. That some unreliable stores make use of these days to get benefit by selling in an unethical way is more and more common. You can completely get poor-quality products while spending a lot of money to order your favorite items. That’s the reason why we give out the following tips to avoid scams and poor bargains on major sales.


Check for Real Customer Review

Don’t forget this step when shopping online. This is the most trusted reference for all before spending money on any products or services. In fact, most of the reputable online stores and major e-commerce sites come with a section of public customer feedback. Based on that, new customers can know whether they are buying from a trustworthy seller or not. Simultaneously, with previous reviews, you can choose items meeting your needs. Consider reading buyer feedback in advance as the first step in your shopping journey, it can make you a wise shopper saying no to all poor bargains. Also, in getting true coupons, don’t miss coupon aggregation of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and more on trusted coupon sites.


Ensure Seller Identify

It is highly recommended for all online shoppers to verify the contact details and information of the store before making the purchase. You should ensure that each detail on the shopping website is trusted. The prioritized notes should be a company name, address, email, telephone number and more importantly the payment method. Don’t trust any stores if they can’t provide you with the above information. Make sure that in any case, you also can ask for a refund or compensation for a poor purchase.


Make Sure You Shop on a Secure Website

Let’s see whether the website you’re accessing is secure or not by checking the Secure Sockets Layer. It is easy to find the best way of checking it on the Internet, so don’t skip it. In detail, a trusted website tends to come with “https” on the address bar. Note that thoroughly check it in the payment stage.



Check Price of Your Loved Items One Day Earlier

Many stores have a trick that they will increase the price of all items and then announce it as discounted products with the price of normal days. This happens widely on annual Black Friday. Not only does it help them attract more customers, boost them to buy products right away but also make shoppers willing to buy a bit lower quality products because of the cheaper price. That trick is given out based on the psychology of customers in shopping. Therefore, in order to avoid it, you should visit those stores to refer to its price before the major sales are coming. Learning about discount tips on Black Friday to save safely.


Be Careful with Requirements to Provide Your Personal Information

Your name, address, phone number, and card details are the only requirements made in an online purchase. If the store asks for additional information, typically about your password, social security number, and details that can make your secret leaked, you should refuse immediately and stop buying there. However, you should be flexible in particular cases. When meeting a strange problem in payment, it would be better to stop purchasing instead of trying to solve the problem by yourself. The first thought coming up in your mind should be how to protect your safety and rights.


Don’t Skip The Store’s Policy

One more important thing that most online shoppers skip when visiting a website is to read the privacy policy. Well-known retailers and companies have a clear privacy policy. It will provide the website using requirements, company responsibility, 3rd parties information, terms and conditions and more. Therefore, in ensuring your benefits and safety during the shopping period, you cannot miss the policy. Meanwhile, stores with less reliability tend not to be like that. Don’t shop if you haven’t gone through the store policy. It’s truly an essential tip to avoid holiday shopping scams.


Choose A Secure Payment Method

Master online shoppers also share important rules in payment for others to avoid scams and fraud in shopping. Firstly, as mentioned above, the payment page should include “https” on the URL address bar. Secondly, a credit card should be the first option of paying because you can easily require a money recovery from the issuer. The most important thing to avoid is direct money transfers because they can potentially cause unpredictable risks. In that case, you don’t even have a 3rd party to ask for rights and protect your benefit.


As an online shopper, there are many more things to note to avoid scams and poor bargains on major sales of the year. Gaining your own experience is the best way. Protecting yourself and assets while shopping online is the best way of saving. Refer to other shopper’s tips if you are a new one and be ready to share your tips with others, any positive acts are encouraged.

With the tips shared above, we wish it can be of great help for all.