7 Magic Tricks to Seize Huge Discounts in Online Shopping

Online shopping is nowadays more and more popular. Major retailers and online stores, therefore, draw up schemes to encourage shoppers to buy more products with coupons. However, not every consumer knows how to take advantage of it in the best way to save. Gaining sneaky tricks to score huge discounts in online shopping is essential for all. Here’s how.


Buy on Major Sales

Biggest sale events of the year such as Black Friday, Fourth of July Sales, Back to School allow online shoppers all over the world to save a considerable amount of money. These days, a massive number of coupon codes will be released by retailers. The discount rate is also much higher than on normal days. Gift cards, promo codes, and various forms of discount are launched. It will be so sad for a savvy consumer to skip it.

On such events, you can draw up your own shopping plan to buy needed things for even the whole year. Popular discounted items tend to be clothing, home appliances, electronics, home decor…, which is pretty ideal for you to make a list of what-to-buy in advance. Our advice for all is not to focus on food and beverage on major sales, these are not the product type for long-term use. Think of what can help you save at best.


Hunt on Coupon Sites

There are many sites aggregating coupons and deals from thousands of online stores. On these websites, they will constantly update new discounts and promotional events of stores and retailers. Online shoppers can identify that coupons are now valid or not and easily pick the biggest discount for their purchases. According to the recent research of CouponsFunnels, most big coupon sites have their own exclusive codes for well-known stores. Thus, customers can even save on normal days without having to wait until major sales of the year. Search for the best coupon sites, then go for one to save on every time of shopping.


Avoid Dynamic Pricing Trick

An existing trick used by many retailers is called dynamic pricing. Thereby, online retailers will base on the demand and user’s spending habits to offer prices to different customers. This trap becomes quite tough for shoppers to escape because websites can track your internet surfing and searching history to understand your shopping behavior. The data gained from that act will be used in giving out the price of their products to you. Therefore, there is a fact that for the same products, you can see a higher price than someone.

A recommendation for you to avoid this trick is to wipe out your cookies and log out from the website. This is not true to all websites, however, being careful is above all.


Track The Store’s Social Media 

The popularity of social media in marketing is undeniable. If you have a favorite store or find a shopping spot that you want to buy in, don’t skip their social channels. Sometimes, store owners will use social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram… to spread their promotional program. You even cannot find that coupon or discount on their official website. But, by following their Facebook account, you can know when you should buy to save at best and get discounted items on time. Furthermore, many mini-games for getting gifts are also raised there, it’s your chance to get products for free. This is truly a magic trick to seize huge discounts without much effort.


Leave Your Email for Coupon Alert

When you visit a website, it tends to have a popup that encourages you to sign up for notification. By leaving an email address, you will receive the store update and new coupon code to save for the next time of shopping. This trick is applied by loyal customers of stores and it truly works. Normally, there will be more than one coupon or promo code sent to your email to promote their discount event or introduce their new products.

That’s also true in the case of new customers with the first time of purchasing. Most shopping apps and websites offer new clients a coupon code as a welcome and way of creating an impression. Don’t skip this tip to save on your order. Simultaneously, just be careful in providing your personal information to avoid scams and frauds.


Check Prices in Advance


Sometimes, there is a difference between in-store prices and online prices. Because of some factors of 2 different ways of selling, that price difference is completely understandable. Let’s check whether you can buy this product at a lower price in the store or not. If you prefer buying online, don’t forget to hunt for coupons first.


Compare Prices of Different Retailers

It’s better to optimize your online shopping experience by choosing more than one retailer to buy from. This sometimes helps you have more choices of products and coupons. Each retailer will have its own strategy and promotional programs to boost customer demand. With more than one option of online stores, shoppers can save in various cases. Firstly, when you want to buy a product, you can compare the price between retailers to pick the cheaper one. Additionally, instead of only enjoying discounts from one website, you can have more time to save in a year. The chance for saving seems to be doubled.